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It should be the highest ambition of every American to extend his views beyond himself, and to bear in mind that his conduct will not only affect himself, his country, and his immediate posterity; but that its influence may be co-extensive with the world, and stamp political happiness or misery on ages yet unborn.

George Washington

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Officers of the Continental Army met in May 1783 to create an organization to perpetuate the ideals for which they had fought and the memory of the sacrifices made to achieve American independence. That mission is as important today as it was more than two hundred years ago.

The Society of the Cincinnati works to keep the memory and ideals of the heroes of our Revolution alive through a broad range of educational programs:

  • The Society's outreach education programs are providing teachers with materials to bring the American Revolution alive in their classrooms.

  • The Society's growing library makes one of the nation's most important collections of books and manuscripts related to the Revolutionary War available to students and professional scholars, whose publications keep the story of the American Revolution alive.

  • The Society's museum programs preserve some of the most important artifacts of the Revolution and present the Society's collections and the story of our War of Independence to the public through exhibitions, lectures, and other special events.

The Society depends upon contributions to carry out the historic mission assigned to it by the men who won American independence. Your contribution will make it possible for us to carry out this work.

The Society welcomes contributions of any size to its Annual Giving Campaign, which provides unrestricted support for programs to keep the remarkable story of the American Revolution alive. Annual Giving donors are recognized in the Society's Annual Giving Honor Roll, published each fall; the Society's Annual Report; and other publications.

Other Ways to Give

The Society deeply appreciates other contributions, including restricted gifts, planned gifts, gifts-in-kind, and major gifts to support particular projects or programs or to endow a program or provide for a long-term need. If funding a specific project or program is of interest to you, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. The Society has many programs for which we are seeking short-term and ongoing support.

The Society also welcomes the support of donor-advised funds, private or public foundations, and corporations. Contributions from public or private foundations provide invaluable funds for unrestricted operations, special projects, or to endow important aspects of the Society's work. Please let us know if you have a personal or family foundation, or if your company's foundation or giving program is interested in historical education, museums, libraries, or public programs. We would be delighted to make a proposal.

To discuss a restricted gift, a gift-in-kind, or a bequest or other planned gift, please contact:
Chandler Battaile
Director of Advancement
202.785.2040, ext. 415

The Society of the Cincinnati is a 501(c)(3) charity and our programs and endowment depend on your support. Our tax identification number is 53-0205423.

This information provided by The Society of the Cincinnati is not financial, tax, or legal advice. You should consult your financial advisors before making your charitable giving decisions.

The Annual Giving Campaign

Supporters for the Year Ending

June 30, 2016

  • Major Generals

    Mr. Francis Gorham Brigham III

    Mr. George Miller Chester, Jr.

    Mr. Charles Lilly Coltman III

    Mrs. Robert Goodloe Harper III

    Mr. John Christopher Harvey

    Dr. Edward McDonnell Kendall

    Mr. Chiswell Dabney Langhorne, Jr.

    Mr. Capers Walter McDonald

    Mr. Michael Paul Pillsbury

    Mr. George Sunderland Rich

    Mr. William Henry Savage

    The George & Carol Olmsted Foundation

  • Brigadier Generals

    Mr. George William Beale

    Dr. John Roberts Bockstoce

    Abigail and Cass Canfield, Jr. Charitable Fund

    Mrs. Katia DeJarnette, Jr. in memory of Edmund Tompkins DeJarnette, Jr.

    Mr. Beverly Means DuBose III

    Mr. William Hershey Greer, Jr.

    Mr. Francis Ellerbe Grimball

    Mr. William Randolph Hearst III

    Mr. Charles Hill Jones, Jr.

    Mr. Thomas Stephen Kenan III

    Mr. Mark John Kington

    Mr. Harold FitzGerald Lenfest

    Dr. J. Phillip London

    Mr. William Pless Lunger

    Mr. David Arthur McCormick

    Dr. Hollis Warren Merrick III

    Mr. Charles Ashton Newhall

    Mr. Daniel Oliver

    Mr. Ross Gamble Perry

    Phil and Nina Pillsbury Donor Advised Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation

    Mr. William Francis Price, Jr.

    Mr. William Polk Skinner

    The Peter Van Wyck Foundation

  • Colonels

    Hon. Richard Bender Abell

    Mr. Richard Saltonstall Auchincloss, Jr.

    Lt. Col. Lawrence King Casey, Jr., USA (Ret.)

    Mr. David William Chester

    Mr. Joel Thomas Daves IV

    Adm. Philippe de Gaulle

    Mr. Peter Mapes Dodge

    Mr. Roy Alton Duke, Jr.

    Mr. Ronald Lee Fleming

    Dr. John William Gareis

    Mr. William Clay Howe

    Mr. Andrew Martin Johnson

    Mr. Clifford Butler Lewis

    Mr. Frank Mauran IV

    Cdr. Francis Avery Packer, Jr., USN (Ret.)

    Mr. John Michael Phelps

    Mr. Richard Renz Raiford

    Dr. William Postell Raiford

    John S. Rankin Charitable Trust

    Mr. Hugh Scott III

    Dr. Edward Allen Seidel

    Mr. Benjamin James Tarbutton, Jr.

    Dr. Samuel Phillip Tillman

    Mr. William Cattell Trimble, Jr.

    Mr. Robert Manning Wadsworth

    Mr. Samuel Bowman Wheeler IV

    Mr. Richard Tucker Witt

  • Lieutenant Colonels

    Mr. William Proncy Acker III

    Mr. Montgomery Meigs Alger

    Mr. James Reynolds Anderson

    Mr. William Wallace Anderson V


    Mr. Richard Cole Anthony

    Mr. Robert Watson Arnold

    Mr. Thomas St. John Arnold, Jr.

    Dr. James Gilbert Baldwin, Jr.

    Mr. Albert Parker Barnes, Jr.

    Mr. Dudley Bowman Batchelor

    Mr. Richard A. Baum

    Mr. Horace Palmer Beasley

    Mr. Jarrett Billington Bell

    Mr. John Bigelow Benjamin

    Dr. Cordell Lee Bragg III

    Mr. John Randolph Bratton

    Mr. Robert Bruce Brier

    The late Francis Gorham Brigham, Jr.

    Mr. Richard Fairlie Brinkley

    Capt. Philip Briscoe VI, USN (Ret.)

    Mr. Brian Wesley Brooke

    Col. George Mercer Brooke III, USMC (Ret.)

    Mr. Brian Sperry Brown, Jr.

    Mr. John Stewart Bryan III

    Mr. John Kirkland Burke, Jr.

    Mr. David Henderson Burnham

    Mr. Peter Shepard Burr II

    Mr. Armistead Burwell, Jr.

    Mr. William Ware Bush

    Mr. Donnell Borden Carr

    Mr. Keith Armistead Carr

    Mr. Samuel Baldwin Carr, Jr.

    Mr. William Pfingst Carrell II

    Dr. Robert Girard Carroon

    Dr. Joseph Douglas Cawley

    Mr. Frank Anderson Chisholm, Jr.

    Mr. Randolph Warner Church, Jr.

    Mr. Charles Henry Clark

    Mr. Charles Lilly Coltman IV

    Mr. Charles Horace Conner, Jr.

    Mr. Charles Allerton Coolidge III

    Mr. Howard Ellis Cox, Jr.

    Mr. Timothy Emerson Coy

    Mr. Thomas Edward Crocker, Jr.

    Mr. Charles Holmes Darrell

    Mr. B.F. Paty Daves

    Mr. Stuart Patterson Davidson

    Mr. Archibald Hilliard Davis, Jr.

    Mr. David Brooks de Wetter

    Mr. John Dennis Delafield, Jr.

    Dillon Foundation

    Mr. Sherburne Wentworth Dunn

    Dr. Jack Jones Early

    Mr. James Hagood Ellison, Jr.

    Mr. Curtis McLellan Estes

    Mr. Thomas Clifton Etter, Jr.

    Dr. Nathaniel McGregor Ewell III

    Mr. Timothy Christopher Finton

    Mr. Hugh Watts Foster

    Mr. Alexander Lanson Franklin II

    Mr. Benjamin Charles Frick

    Mr. Alexander Gaston

    Mr. Harrison Moncure Geho

    Mr. Thomas Bartley Gorin

    Mr. Frederick Gordon Graham

    Mr. Edmund Morewood Green

    Dr. Clarence Alonzo Griffin III

    Mr. Haynes Glenn Griffin

    Mr. Rufus King Griscom

    Mr. Greer Eversole Gunby

    Mr. David Philip Halle, Jr.

    Mr. Preston Hampton Haskell III

    Dr. William Mudd Martin Haskell

    Mr. John Drayton Hastie, Jr.

    Mr. Nathan Van Meter Hendricks III

    Mr. William Maury Hill

    Mr. Robert Hoe Hough, Jr.

    Mr. Ernest Ogg Houseman, Jr.

    Mr. Kenneth Bartlett Howard

    Mr. Christopher Gadsden Hume IV

    Mr. Samuel Draper Hummel

    Dr. David McClure Humphrey

    Dr. Leslie Hutchinson

    Mr. Herrick Jackson

    Mr. Jay Wayne Jackson

    Mr. Robert S. Jepson, Jr.

    Mr. Earl Johnson, Jr.

    Mr. Basil Magruder Jones, Jr.

    Mr. Jackson Kemper IV

    Dr. Scott Robert Kerns

    Dr. Marshall Dean Kinsey

    Mr. Paul Joseph Kinyon

    Mr. William Clarence Kluttz, Jr.

    Mr. Richard Holmes Knight, Jr.

    Lt. Col. Bruce Jeffrey Koedding, USAOC (Ret.)

    Mr. Fontaine Broun Lawson

    Mr. Randolph Marshall Lee

    Mr. Oscar James Lightizer

    Mr. Steven Clay Lilly

    Lt. Col. Howard Sandland Lincoln, USA (Ret.)

    Mr. Henry Hopkins Livingston III

    Mr. Keith Prescott Low

    Brig. Gen. Benjamin Franklin Lucas II, MANG (Ret.)

    Mr. Henry Sharpe Lynn, Jr.

    Mr. Robert Bentley Lyon, Jr.

    Mr. Colin MacNair III

    Mr. John Ferratt Macon II

    Mr. St. Julien Ravenel Marshall, Jr.

    Mr. James Thomas Martin

    Mr. Robert Vincent Martin III

    R. Adm. Kleber Sanlin Masterson, Jr., USN (Ret.)

    Mr. Frank Mauran

    Mr. Willard McCall, Jr.

    Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick

    Dr. Jeffrey Sanborn McKennis

    Mr. Earl McMillen III

    Mr. J. William Middendorf II

    Mr. Clifton Meredith Miller III

    Mr. Michael Miller

    Mr. Ray Donavon Munford, Jr.

    Mr. Charles Batcheller Neely, Jr.

    Dr. Charles Morris Kinloch Nelson

    Mr. Charles Watson Newhall III

    Mr. Charles Edwards Noell III

    Mr. Robert Fillmore Norfleet, Jr.

    Mr. William Hoyt Olinger

    Mr. Ferdinand Henry Onnen III

    Hon. George Carter Paine II

    Dr. Leland Madison Park

    Mr. Jonathan Williamson Parker

    Mr. James Keith Peoples

    Mr. Edward William Phifer III

    Dr. James Orlo Pringle

    Dr. William Ivan Procter

    Dr. David Shepherd Raiford

    Mr. William Russell Raiford

    Dr. James White Rawles, Jr.

    Mr. Verne Ross Read III

    Mr. Eugene Bowie Roberts, Jr.

    Col. Blake James Robertson, USMC (Ret.)

    Mr. Timothy Brian Robertson

    Mr. William Randolph Robins

    Comte de Rochambeau

    Mr. Nathaniel Pendleton Rogers

    Mr. William Bradford Ross III

    The late Philip Burwell Roulette

    Mr. Nicholas Scull

    Mr. Douglas Seaman, Jr.

    Mr. Alfred Lee Shapleigh III

    Mr. Philip Edward Shute

    Cdr. Richard Lee Siemens, MC, USN (Ret.)

    Mr. Lauriston Hardin Sigmon

    Mr. Gregory Bell Smith

    Mr. Augustine John Smyth

    Mr. David Arrington Southworth

    Mr. Lee Sparks IV

    Mr. John Stephen Sullivan III

    Dr. Paul Kent Switzer III

    Mr. James Layton Switzer, Jr.

    Mr. John Edmund Tankard III

    Mr. Thomas Warren Thaler

    Mr. Thomas Howard Townsend

    Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation

    Mr. Frank Keech Turner, Jr.

    R. Adm. H. Kirk Unruh, Jr., USN (Ret.)

    Mr. David Wayne Van Hise

    Mr. Rufus Putnam Van Zandt

    Mr. Jehangir Fuller Varzi

    Mr. William Angell Viall II

    Mr. Lee Dudley Walker

    Mr. John Caldwell Warley III

    Mr. Andrew Harriss Weathersbee

    Mr. George Creighton Webb

    Lt. Ryan Bradford Weddle, USNR

    Mrs. Arthur D. Weekes III

    Mr. Douglas Reid Weimer

    Mr. William Cary Whitehead III

    Mr. Garry Ogden Wilbor

    Mr. William Fletcher Womble

    Dr. Edward Franklin Woods

    Mr. Jonathan Tufts Woods

    Dr. Simon Koch Wright

    Mr. William Lowe Wrightson III

    Mr. Franklin Wyman III

    Mr. Alexander Penn Hill Wyrough

    Mr. William Frederick Yonkers

    Mr. Christopher Lawrence Young

    Mr. Gary Edward Young

  • Majors

    Lt. Col. William Joseph Allen III, USAF

    Mr. Robert Buehn Anderson

    Mr. William Wharton Archer III

    Mr. Robert Carter Arnold

    Capt. William Bradley Bacon, USN (Ret.)

    Mr. William Edward Balson

    Mr. Paul Gervais Bell III

    Mr. William North Blanchard

    Mr. Thomas Parran Bond

    Mr. George Boyd V

    Mr. George Lucien Brailsford

    Mr. Theodore Dubose Bratton

    Rev. Richard Frederick Brewer III

    Mr. David Scott Bridges

    Mr. Charles Edward Brinley II

    Mr. Charles Edward Brinley III

    Mr. Peter McDonald Bristow

    Mr. Charles Spinola Waggaman Brodhead

    Mr. Robert Lawrence Brooke

    Mr. George Hank Brown

    Mr. Jeffrey Alan Brown

    Mr. John Logan Brown

    Mr. Nicholas Brown

    Mr. Thomas Rutherfoord Brown

    Mr. James Bradley Burke

    Mr. Todd Alexander Burne

    Mr. David Dennis Burrows

    Mr. Malcolm Lee Butler

    Mr. Marion Tyus Butler, Jr.

    Mr. Charles Lorraine Cabell

    Mr. Matthew James Calvert

    Dr. Charles Colcock Jones Carpenter, Jr.

    Mr. Wayne Chatfield-Taylor II

    Mr. Christopher Challender Child

    Mr. Stuart MacDonald Christhilf III

    Mr. Rutledge Carter Clement, Jr.

    Mr. William Perry Clements III

    Mr. John Howard Clymer

    Mr. Edward Lull Cochrane, Jr.

    Mr. Terence Winslow Collins

    Dr. Arthur John Cook, Jr.

    Mr. Allen Kindel Craven

    Mr. Andrew Oliver Crosby

    Mr. William Flowers Crozer

    Mr. William Marshall Crozier, Jr.

    Mr. George Littleton Cushing

    Mr. Thomas Francis Darden

    Mr. Robert Gage Davidson

    Mr. Victor Weyher Dawson, Jr.

    Dr. Andrew Imbrie Dayton

    Dr. Vincent Claud De Baun

    Mr. Ralph Lynn DeGroff, Jr.

    Mr. James Steele Denton

    Mr. Anthony Randolph Dike

    Mr. James Horton Doughton

    Mr. Gary DuBois

    Mr. William Gunnell DuBose II

    Mr. Antony Taylor Edgar

    Mr. Lamar Hamilton Ellis, Jr.

    Mr. Jeffrey Allen Engler

    Mr. Thomas Beverley Evans, Jr.

    Mr. Frank Sprague Exley

    Dr. Robert Lewis Fagaly

    Jacques, vicomte de Farcy de La Villedubois

    Mr. Robert Campbell Farmer

    Mr. Christopher James Grenfell Finton

    Mr. Thomas William Goodwin Finton

    Mr. Henry Burnett Fishburne, Jr.

    Mr. William Alexander Fisher III

    Dr. Waldo Emerson Floyd III

    Mr. James Granbery Foster, Jr.

    Carol and Carter Fox Family Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia

    Mr. George Lovett Kingsland Frelinghuysen

    Mr. Frederick DeBow Fulkerson IV

    Mr. Ford Prioleau Fuller III

    Mr. Gordon Elbridge Gale

    Mr. John William Gareis, Jr.

    Ms. Rebecca A. Gareis-Bent

    Mr. Muscoe Russell Hunter Garnett III

    Mr. John Mullette Gaultney

    Mr. Charles Edward Gay IV

    Mr. Edward Paul Gibson

    Mr. Thomas Poynton Ives Goddard

    Mr. Leslie Eaton Goldsborough, Jr.

    Mr. William Dunbar Gould IV

    Mr. Marco Grassi

    Mr. David Bradley Gray

    Mr. Paul Edward Griffin

    Dr. Arthur Grimball

    Mr. Henry Ellerbe Grimball

    Mr. Frank Sheffield Hale

    Mr. Douglas Sinclair Hamilton

    Mr. Whittington Hancock Hanks

    Mr. Gordon Huntington Harper

    Mr. Murray David Harwich, Jr.

    Mr. Harold Frederick Hattier, Jr.

    Mr. George Stephenson Hazard, Jr.

    Dr. William Roy Hearter, Jr.

    Dr. Fraser Cummins Henderson, Sr.

    Dr. George James Hill

    Mr. James Allen Hill, Jr.

    Mr. Thomas Johns Hill

    Col. Brien Purcell Horan, USA (Ret.)

    Mr. Dale Harley Howard

    Mr. William Dean Howells

    Dr. James Gordon Hunter, Jr.

    Mr. Neill Archibald Jennings III

    Mr. Charles Owen Johnson

    Dr. Hardwick Smith Johnson, Jr.

    Dr. Robert Gregory Joseph

    Mr. William Hart Judd III

    Mr. Martin Alexander Kempe

    Mr. James Yancey Kerr II

    Mr. Francis Parker King, Jr.

    Mr. James Whittle Kluttz

    Mr. Joseph Branch Craige Kluttz

    Mr. Robert Hairston Kluttz

    Mr. David Peter Kollock

    Mr. William Duvall Ladd, Sr.

    Mr. Mitchell Brice Ladson

    Mr. Albert Richard Lamb III

    Mr. Lewis Peyton Lawson

    Mr. Robert William Lawson III

    Mr. Richard Wolters Ledyard

    Mr. Donald Vause Lincoln

    Mr. John Walley Littlefield, Jr.

    Mr. Philip Robert Livingston, Jr.

    Mr. Thomas Ashe Lockhart

    Mr. William Joseph Longan, Jr.

    Mr. James Stephen Lord, Jr.

    Capt. William Lowndes III, USAR

    Mr. Daniel James Ludeman, Jr.

    Mr. Ross Warne Maghan, Jr.

    Mr. Michael Mason Maney

    Mr. John Stewart Marr

    Hon. John McClellan Marshall

    Mr. Charles Marion Marsteller III

    Mr. John Harvey Martin

    Mr. Henry Murray Massie, Jr.

    Mr. Anthony Westwood Maupin

    Mr. Peter Flagg Maxson

    Mr. John Frampton Maybank, Jr.

    Mr. Peter Maybank

    Mr. John Chilton Fitzgibbon McAuliff

    Mr. James Selby McClinton III

    Mr. Charles Scott McCutcheon

    Mr. Gilmore Simms McDowell III

    Mr. William Bradford Mead

    Mr. John Brinton Medford

    Mr. William Gadsden King Merrill

    Mr. Charles Francis Middleton III

    Capt. William Richard Moffett, USA (Ret.)

    Mr. Thomas Scott Monsted

    Dr. West Tabb Moore

    Dr. James Sayle Moose III

    Mr. Brame Perry Morrison, Jr.

    Dr. Edward Chisolm Morrison

    Mr. William McGillivray Morrison

    Mr. Herbert Jaques Motley, Jr.

    Dr. Nathanael Greene Mullener

    Brig. Gen. John Hawkins Napier III, ASDF (Ret.)

    Mr. Christopher Mark Nichols

    Brig. Gen. John William Francis Nicholson, USA (Ret.)

    Col. Craig Wendell Nickisch, USA (Ret.)

    Dr. Eric Jon Nielsen

    Ober Family Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation

    Mr. John Kay Patterson Odell, Jr.

    Mr. Ferdinand Henry Onnen, Jr.

    Mr. Philip George O'Brien

    Mr. Frederick Pope Parker III

    Mr. Robert Andrew Parker

    Lt. Col. Walter Herbert Parsons III, USA (Ret.)

    Mr. Jason Carl Pedigo

    Mr. Bruce Coleman Perkins

    Rev. Patrick Ryder Perkins

    Mr. Nathaniel Philbrick

    Rev. Dr. Thomas Frederick Pike

    Mr. James Hilliard Polk III

    Dr. John Fleming Polk, Jr.

    Mr. Warren Randolph Pollard III

    Mr. George Forrest Pragoff

    Mr. Sheldon Ellsworth Prentice

    Mr. Theodore Winston Price

    Dr. Dwight Huston Pearson Pringle

    Mr. Timothy Fisher Putnam

    Mr. Rudolph Stewart Rauch III

    Mr. Steven Gregory Reese

    Mr. Peter Bounetheau Reeves

    Mr. James Armistead Reid

    Mr. John Ely Riegel

    Mr. Francis Hill Roberts, Sr.

    Mr. Cabell Brooke Robinson

    Mr. William Spencer Rockwell, Jr.

    Mr. Roy Oscar Rodwell, Jr.

    Mr. Thomas Ashby Rogers, Jr.

    Mr. Wayne Jerome Rogers

    Dr. Marshall deGraffenried Ruffin, Jr.

    Col. Francis Xavier Ryan, USMCR (Ret.)

    Mr. Andrew Kennedy Selden II

    Dr. Mortimer Newlin Stead Sellers

    Mr. Lawrence Butler Shallcross, Jr.

    Mr. Robert Gould Shaw

    Mr. Stephen Payson Shaw

    Dr. James Asa Shield, Jr.

    Mr. D. Brenton Simons

    Mr. Amos Kendall Smith III

    Mr. Charles Lee Smith III

    Mr. Daniel Spencer Smith

    Mr. Donnell Middleton Smith, Jr.

    Mr. Elliott Stowers Smith

    Dr. Mark Alexander Herbert Smith, Jr.

    Mr. Sherwood Hubbard Smith, Jr.

    Mr. William Overton Payne Snead III

    Mr. Christopher Warren Snow

    Mr. Gilbert Harris Snow

    Mr. Kenneth Murchison Sprunt, Jr.

    Mr. Charles Edward Stebbins

    Mr. Henry Dana Stevens IV

    Mr. William Wheeler Stevenson

    Mr. William Augustus Blount Stewart II

    Mr. Thomas Howard Fitchett Stick

    Mr. Prentice Strong III

    Mr. Charles William Swinford, Jr.

    Mr. James Anthony Swords

    Mr. Frank Talbott IV

    Mr. David Higginbotham Taylor

    Mr. George William Bagby Taylor

    Mr. James Hopkins Taylor

    Mr. Richard Stephen Taylor

    Mr. Richard Winston Thaler, Jr.

    Mr. William George Thomas IV

    Mr. William Evan Timmons

    Mr. Robert Mosby Turnbull

    Lt. Col. Robert Fauntleroy Turner III, USA (Ret.)

    Mr. John Cole Tuten, Jr.

    Mr. Roger Browne Tyler II

    Mr. William Eaton Urquhart, Jr.

    Mr. Granville Gray Valentine III

    Mr. Henry Lee Valentine II

    Philippe Vallantin-Dulac

    Mr. Robert Reynolds Van Gulick, Jr.

    Mr. Alexander Taylor Van Rensselaer

    Mr. Kiliaen Drackett Van Rensselaer

    Dr. Jon Van Winkle

    Mr. James Edward Vesper

    Mr. Richmond Viall III

    Capt. Francis Laughlin Wadsworth, USN (Ret.)

    Mr. Harry Gambol Walker, Jr.

    Lt. Col. Wickliffe Wade Walker, USA (Ret.)

    Mr. John Faulconer Ware III

    Mr. Marston Watson

    Mr. Morrison DeSoto Webb

    Mr. John Marc Wheat

    Mr. Craig William Whiting

    Mr. Charles Seymour Whitman III

    Mr. Scott Edward Wilbur

    Mr. Stephen Mills Wilkins

    Mr. Hugh Miller Wilkinson III

    Mr. Alfred Williams IV

    Mr. Mark Calhoun Williams

    Mr. Mason Long Williams

    Dr. Mortimer Lee Williams

    Mr. Caldwell Russell Willig

    Hon. Jere Malcolm Harris Willis, Jr.

    Mr. Frederick Philips Wood, Jr.

    Mr. Walter Nelson Woodson

    Mr. James Holt Wooten

    Mr. Carter Fitzhugh Yeatman

    Mr. Aaron Jones Yorke IV

    Mr. Richard Chew Zantzinger III

    Mr. Jerry William Zillion

  • Captains

    Mr. Christopher Cunningham Abbott

    Mr. Willard Curtis Agee, Jr.

    Mr. Mason Gardner Alexander

    Mr. Jonathan Brandon Allen

    Mr. Thomas Nelson Allen

    Mr. William Ward Allen

    Mr. David Lee Ammen

    Mr. James Kerr Anderson

    Mr. George Patterson Apperson III

    Mr. John Martin Perry Archer

    Mr. Rodney Armstrong

    Mr. Thomas Scott Atkinson

    Mr. John Carlile Babcock

    Capt. James A. Backstrom, USN (Ret.)

    Mr. Richard Paxton Badham, Jr.

    Mr. Richard Paxton Badham III

    Mr. John Absalom Baird, Jr.

    Dr. Robert Binning Fraser Baker

    Mr. Henry Furlong Baldwin

    Mr. Robert Frederick Baldwin, Jr.

    Mr. James Falvy Barr, Jr.

    Mr. George Robert Bason, Jr.

    Mr. Edwin Warner Bass

    Mr. Michael Timothy Bates

    Mr. Robert Russell Baxter

    Mr. Horace Binney Beale

    Mr. Stuart Morgan Beck

    Mr. James Payne Beckwith, Jr.

    Mr. Glen Edward Beebe

    Mr. John Lawrence Beglan, Jr.

    Mr. Paul Gervais Bell, Jr.

    Mr. Edward Guerrant Read Bennett

    Mr. Richard Zenter Bennett

    Dr. Ronald Edward Benson, Jr.

    Mr. Spencer Christian Bienvenue

    Mr. Charles Orren Blaisdell

    Dr. Robert Earl Blake

    Mr. Carroll Marbury Blundon

    Dr. Montague Blundon III

    Mr. Peter Whitney Boardman

    Mr. John Holbrook Boomer

    Mr. Harvey Rowland Bowman IV

    Dr. Ker Boyce IV

    Mr. Francis Bradley, Jr.

    Mr. Robert Edward Brailsford

    Dr. James Bernard Breckinridge

    Mr. John Henry Bridger

    Hon. Peter Scott Bridges

    Mr. Thomas Hamilton Brinkley

    Mrs. Diana Briscoe

    Mr. Louis Elliott Bristol III

    Mr. Harrison Merriwether Hammond Brooke

    Mr. Francis Adams Brooks III

    Mr. Henry Phelps Brooks III

    Mr. Henry Phelps Brooks IV

    Dr. Benjamin Moseley Brown

    Mr. William Beckett Brown III

    Mr. William Vance Brown II

    Mr. Frank King Bruce III

    Dr. William Yongue Buchanan, Jr.

    Mr. Stuart Maryman Bumpas

    Mr. Michael Joseph Burdge

    Mr. Archer Christian Burke

    Mr. Franklin Leigh Burke

    Mr. Richard Cobb Burke

    Mr. William Corlett Draper Burr

    Mr. Jan Stryker Burroughs

    Mr. Walter Brodie Burwell, Jr.

    Mr. John Houston Cain

    Col. Douglas Brougher Cairns, USAF (Ret.)

    Lt. Col. Robert Walker Cairns, USA

    Mr. James Duryea Cameron

    Mr. Charles Albert Carr, Jr.

    Barry and Barbara Carroll Donor Advised Fund

    Mr. Christopher Joel Carter

    Mr. Thomas Heyward Carter, Jr.

    Casey Family Foundation

    Mrs. Charlotte C. Chamberlain

    Hon. Warren Stockbridge Chase

    Mr. Logan McKee Cheek III

    Mr. William Polk Cheshire

    Mr. Francis Gracey Childers II

    Mr. Humphrey Hardison Childers

    Mr. Samuel Graham Childers

    Mr. Philip Raab Christhilf

    Mr. Michael Steele Bright Churchman

    Dr. Jonathan Hubbard Cilley, Jr.

    Dr. Herbert Augustine Claiborne, Jr.

    Mr. George Thomas Clark, Jr.

    Mr. Rutledge Carter Clement III

    Mr. Paul Clemente, Jr.

    Mr. Shawn Christopher Clements

    Mr. DeWitt Clinton IV

    Mr. Richard Edward Coen

    Mr. Loren Fletcher Cole, Jr.

    Mr. Bryan Bradford Conner

    Mr. Edwin Bryan Connerat, Jr.

    Mr. Pearce Crisfield Connerat

    Mr. John Carpenter Converse

    Mr. Thomas Bledsoe Cormack

    Mr. Rodrick Patten Craven

    Dr. Wales Craven

    Mr. Edward Eve Crawford

    Mr. John Pope Crichton

    Mr. Robert Masters Crichton, Jr.

    Mr. Michael Jenkins Cromwell, Jr.

    Mr. German Pierce Culver, Jr.

    Mr. Maxwell Granger Dale

    Col. Charles Kenneth Dalgleish, USA (Ret.)

    Brig. Gen. Harry Jirou Dalton, Jr., USAF (Ret.)

    Mr. William Page Dame IV

    Mr. William Gadsden Daniels

    Mr. Henry Darlington, Jr.

    Dr. Charles Davant III

    Mr. Byrd Warwick Davenport, Jr.

    Mr. Henry Bedinger Davenport III

    Mr. Huntley Gibson Davenport

    Mr. John Washington Davidge III

    Mr. Bradley Craig Davis

    Mr. Harry Lowell Davis

    Mr. Joshua Winborne Davis

    Mr. William Lee Dawkins, Jr.

    Mr. Robert Lambdin Dawson, Sr.

    Col. Guy Keller Dean III

    Mr. John Hanby Debnam

    Mr. Edmund Tompkins DeJarnette III

    Mr. Franklin Moreland Denson

    Mr. Charles William Dickinson IV

    Mr. Seavy Dawson Highsmith Dickson

    Col. George Huntington Dimon, Jr., USAF (Ret.)

    Mr. James Morten Dodge

    Mr. Lee Allen Dodge

    Mr. Walter Cullars Dorsey

    Dr. John Morgan Douglass, Jr.

    Mr. Henry Dryfoos IV

    Mr. Charles Franklin DuBose

    Mr. Charles Halliwell Pringle Duell

    Mr. Kirk Mallory Duffy

    Dr. Joseph Laurence Dunn, Jr.

    Mr. Ward Westbrook Dunning

    Dr. Daniel Delzell Dunwody III

    Mr. Hugh Garland Edmunds, Jr.

    Mr. David Murchison Eggleston, Sr.

    Mr. Dyson Price Ehrhardt

    Mr. Thomas Trowbridge Elliman

    Mr. Corliss William Emery, Jr.

    Mr. David Taylor Emott

    Mr. John Davis Evans, Jr.

    Mr. Thomas Trail Fenton

    Mr. Charles Cuthbert Fenwick, Jr.

    Mr. Charles Cuthbert Fenwick III

    Mr. Nathaniel Charles Fick

    Dr. David Hackett Fischer

    Rev. Dr. Donald Allston Fishburne

    Dr. Francis Joseph Fishburne, Jr.

    Mr. Junius Rodes Fishburne, Jr.

    Mr. Newell Flather

    Mr. Thomas J. Fleming

    Capt. William Harry Fleming III, USNR (Ret.)

    Dr. John Calhoun Peterson Floyd

    Mr. John Paul Chadwick Floyd

    Mr. Morehead Foard

    Dr. William Innes Forbes III

    Mr. Bradbury Poor Foss

    Mr. Charles Addison Foster

    R. Adm. Paul Lowe Foster, USN (Ret.)

    Mr. Robert Elliott Freer, Jr.

    Dr. Thomas Nash French III

    Mr. Bruce William Friedman

    Mr. Herbert Laurence Fritz, Jr.

    Mr. Herbert Laurence Fritz III

    Mr. Peter Bailey Fritzinger

    Mr. John Willis Fuller

    Mr. David Buffum Fultz

    Mr. William Dawson Gage

    Mr. Frederic Frelinghuysen Gaines, Jr.

    Mr. Jonathan Hunt Garside

    Mr. Courtlandt Dixon Gates

    Mr. Peter Parker McNair Gates

    Mr. John Marshall Gephart, Jr.

    Mr. Henry Clay Gibson, Jr.

    Mr. Carey Parks Gilbert II

    Mr. Nicholas Gilman

    Mr. Harry Smith Glaze, Jr.

    Mr. Read Fisher Goode, Jr.

    Mr. Richard James Gookin

    Mr. John Pinner Graham

    Mr. Lewis Sidney Graham, Jr.

    Rev. Dr. George Naff Gray, Jr.

    Mr. John Tillery Gregory, Jr.

    Mr. John Clarke Griffin, Jr.

    Mr. John Edward Griffith II

    Mr. William Heyward Grimball III

    Mr. William Denmead Groff IV

    Mr. Thomas Bridgers Hackney

    Mr. Benjamin Ambler Hagood

    Mr. Stephen Baylor Hall

    Mr. Thomas Hartley Hall V

    Lt. Col. Budd Jaye Hallberg, USAR (Ret.)

    Cdr. Northmore Wilbur Hamill II, USN (Ret.)

    Mr. Palmer Clarkson Hamilton

    Dr. Donald Lincoln Hamner

    Mr. Holmes Plexico Harden

    Mr. Albert Harkness III

    Mr. John Robert Harman, Jr.

    Mr. David Campbell Harris

    Dr. William Edney Harris III

    Mr. Winslow Warren Hastie

    Mr. Gregg Wieland Hawes

    Mr. Samuel Jackson Hays III

    Dr. Hubert Benbury Haywood III

    Mr. John Roderick Heller III

    Dr. Fraser Cummins Henderson, Jr.

    Mr. Lansdale Ghiselin Sasscer Henderson

    Mr. Wallace Colby Henderson

    Mr. Douglas Merton Henry

    Mr. Austin Barry Hepburn, Jr.

    Mr. David Fredric Hess

    Mr. Charles Higginson

    Mr. Peter Cooper Hitt, Jr.

    Mr. Shepherd Monson Holcombe, Jr.

    Mr. Walter Anderson Holt, Jr.

    Mr. James Terry Honan

    Mr. Francis Hopkinson, Jr.

    Mr. Outerbridge Horsey

    Mr. Edward Charles Horton

    Mr. Ervin Wildt Houston

    Mr. Peter Betts Hubbell

    Lt. Col. Paul Douglas Huling, USAF (Ret.)

    Mr. Frederick Talley Drum Hunt, Jr.

    Mr. John Arthur Hurley III

    Lt. Matthew Brett Hurley, USAI

    Mr. William Elliott Hutson II

    Mr. Melvin Richardson Hyman, Jr.

    Mr. Richard Allen Hynson

    Mr. David Rayner Idell

    Mr. John Edward Idenden

    Mr. Charles Jared Ingersoll II

    Mr. James Addison Ingle III

    Lt. Col. Gugy Aemilius Irving III, USAF (Ret.)

    Mr. Stephen Whitney Isaacson

    Mr. Earl Edward Jackson III

    Mr. Irby Bruce Jackson, Jr.

    Mr. Stephan Carl Jankowski

    Mr. Jerome Vincent Byron Jefferds

    Mr. Arthur Joye Jenkins, Jr.

    Mr. Francis Plummer Jenkins, Jr.

    Mr. Alexander William Potter Johns

    Mr. William Potter Johns

    Mr. Earl Johnson III

    Mr. George Dean Johnson III

    Mr. Frederick DeVeau Johnson, Jr.

    Mr. Norwood Johnston II

    Mr. Andrew Berrien Jones

    Mr. Catesby ap Catesby Jones

    Mr. Edward Harral Jones III

    Mr. David Alexander Kean

    Mr. William Henry Calvert Kegan

    Mr. Robert Taylor Scott Keith, Jr.

    Mr. Stephen John Kelleher, Jr.

    Mr. Reber Porter Kennedy, Jr.

    Mr. George Gordon King

    Mr. Francis Marion Kirk

    Mr. William Clarence Kluttz III

    Mr. Alfred Crocker Knight

    Mr. Frederick Henry Knight IV

    Mr. Fredric Dayton Knight

    Mr. John O'Donnell Knox, Jr.

    Mr. John Harold Kuhnle

    Mr. William Winlock Lannon

    Mr. Robert Parke Latham

    Mr. Robert deTreville Lawrence IV

    Dr. Samuel Appleton Lawrence

    Mr. Louis Marcel LeHardy

    Mr. Ward Morehouse LeHardy, Jr.

    Mr. Charles Nelson Leonard

    Mr. Lewis Laney Leonard

    Mr. Marion Harper Liles, Jr.

    Mr. Richard Kimball Lincoln

    Mr. Alexander Farnum Lippitt, Jr.

    Mr. Louis Wooten Little, Sr.

    Mr. Melvin Phillip Livingston

    Mr. Robert Gerald Livingston

    Mr. John Beauregard Lockhart

    Dr. James Robert Logan

    Mr. John Calvin Long

    Mr. Tarlton Heath Long

    Mr. Wilfert O'Dell Davis Long

    Mr. Philip Whitcomb Lovejoy

    Mr. Jeffrey Duane Ludwig

    Dr. Isaac Hayden Lutterloh, Jr.

    Mr. Frederick Jewett Lyle

    Mr. George Gambrill Lynn

    Mr. Douglass Mather Mabee

    Mr. Douglass Sorrel Mackall III

    Mr. Edwin Robeson MacKethan III

    Mr. Edwin Robeson MacKethan IV

    Mr. Robert Walker MacMillan

    Mr. William Twining Madden

    Mr. William Muir Manger, M.D.

    Mr. David Hatton Marbury IV

    Dr. Francis Swaby Markland, Jr.

    Mr. Richard Coke Marshall IV

    Mr. William Allen Marshall

    Mr. Charles Robert Martin, Jr.

    Mr. Williams Swift Martin IV

    Mr. Hatley Norton Mason III

    Mr. Charles Elmer Mather III

    Mr. William Schuyler Matthai

    Mr. Anthony Stewart Maurice

    Mr. John Worth McAlister III

    Mr. Philip Morgan McAlpin

    Mr. Kevin Neill McCauley

    Mr. John Lee McElroy, Jr.

    Mr. Michael John McGuire

    Lt. Col. Thomas Joseph McKittrick, USA (Ret.)

    Mr. Charles Grice McMullan, Jr.

    Mr. Stephen Mather McPherson

    Mr. John Herbert Mears III

    Mr. John Gilmer Mebane, Jr.

    Mr. William de Berniere Mebane

    Mr. Jonathan Cavanagh Meigs

    Mr. William Spedden Merrick III

    Mr. Willis Carleton Merrill, Jr.

    Mr. Harrison Shelby Merritt

    Mr. Thatcher Lillie Pierce Milholland

    Mr. Michael Miller, Jr.

    Mr. Roland Foster Miller

    Mr. Stephen Robeson Miller

    Mr. George Braxton Mitchell

    Mr. Thomas Joseph Moffett

    Mr. Christopher Stuart Moffitt

    Mr. Robert Latane Montague III

    Mr. Craig Lee Montz

    Mr. Roger Alston Moore

    Mr. Walter William Moore II

    Dr. Cecil Morgan, Jr.

    Mr. Henry Sayler Morgan

    Mr. Cameron Dulany Morison

    Mr. Michael McClary Morison

    Mr. Wade Hampton Morris

    Mr. James Hagood Sams Morrison

    Mr. Mills Lane Morrison

    Mr. William Howell Morrison

    Dr. David Wade Morton

    Mr. John David Stoddard Muhlenberg

    Mr. Robert Bell Murfree

    Mr. James Bryson Murphy, Jr.

    Mr. John Grosvenor Neely, Sr.

    Mr. Robert Thomas Newcomb

    Mr. Adair Brantley Newhall

    Mr. Nicholas Newlin

    Mr. William Lytle Nichol IV

    Mr. William Lytle Nichol V

    Mr. Mark Kimball Nichols

    Mr. Christopher Todd Nolan

    Mr. Gerson Nordlinger

    Lt. Col. John Edward Norvell, USAF (Ret.)

    Mr. John Thomas O'Connell III

    Mr. John Arthur O'Malley

    Mr. Daniel Thompson Paine

    Mr. Edwin Brownrigg Borden Parker

    Mr. Walter Wellington Parker IV

    Guy, comte de Parscau du Plessix

    Dr. Hudnall Weaver Paschal

    Mr. William Ford Peck

    Mrs. Felix Chisholm Pelzer

    Mr. William Beckwith Perkins II

    Mr. Samuel Dexter Perry

    Mr. Benjamin Stephen Persons

    Mr. Scott Breckinridge Peyton

    Mr. Oliver Lorenz Picher

    Col. Thomas Frederick Pike, Jr., USA

    Lt. Cdr. Bryan St. George Pinckney, USN

    Mr. Richard Booth Platt

    Mr. Rutherford Mell Poats

    Mr. Edgar Allan Poe IV

    Mr. Harding Scott Polk

    Mr. David Carter Pope

    Mr. James Wallace Porter II

    Mr. John Ridgely Porter III

    Mr. Mark Lloyd Posey

    Mr. Daniel Rich Proctor

    Mr. Michael Quinn

    Mr. George John Rabstejnek

    Mr. William McKenzie Ragland, Jr.

    Mr. Joseph Bunn Ramsey, Jr.

    Mr. Alfred Magill Randolph

    Mr. Angus Macdonald Crawford Randolph

    Mr. Benjamin Gray Tunstall Randolph

    Mr. Brooke Reeve III

    Mr. Matthew Bartholomew Reid

    Mr. Robert Carter Reid

    Mr. Joseph Cheshire Rhett

    Mr. Louis Sanford Rice III

    Mr. Grahame Preson Richards, Jr.

    Mr. Eric Agan Ridler

    Lt. Col. Max James Riekse, USA (Ret.)

    Mr. John Ritchie IV

    Dr. Ralph Hardee Rives

    Mr. Kenneth Duane Roach

    Dr. Surry Parker Roberts

    Mr. Hugh Laughlin Robinson II

    Dr. Edward Burrows Rogers

    Mr. Robert Livingston Rogers

    Dr. David Paul Roselle

    Mr. David Harris Rowe

    Dr. Roger Ronald Rowell

    Dr. Alexander Preston Russell

    Mr. William Fitts Ryan, Jr.

    Mr. James Lowell Ryland

    Mr. Seymour Sanford Saltus

    Mr. Newell Winfield Sapp, Jr.

    Mr. Winthrop William Sargent, Jr.

    Mr. Lansdale Ghiselin Sasscer, Jr.

    Mr. Charles William Schellenger

    Mr. Paul Leslie Schnirring

    Brig. Gen. Charles McClung Scott, Jr., USA (Ret.)

    Mr. George Cole Scott III

    Mr. Peter Augustus Scott

    Mr. Clifton Rogers Scudder IV

    Mr. John McConville Shannon

    Mr. John McKay Sheftall

    Mr. William Lowe Sheftall III

    Mr. Robert Arthur Sherman

    R. Adm. David Keith Shimp, Ph.D.

    Mr. Ernest Jirard Sifford, Jr.

    Dr. Hugh Vernon Simon, Jr.

    Dr. James Gaston Simpson

    Mr. Joseph Patterson Sims III

    Mr. Edward Hawkins Sisson

    Mr. James Matthew Slay, Jr.

    Mr. Andrew Augustus Smith, Jr.

    Mr. Randolph Philip Smith

    Mr. Stephen Keese Smith, Jr.

    Mr. Richard John Smurdon, Jr.

    Mr. David Wayne Snodgrass

    Mr. Thomas Lea Hutchings Snowden

    Mr. John Dalton Sparrow, Jr.

    Mr. Henry Benning Spencer II

    Mr. William Doerter Spiegel, Jr.

    Mr. Robert Bruce Spofford

    Mr. David Edward Springer

    Mr. Gregory John Sproat

    Mr. Robert Harris Sproat

    Mr. James Ridgeway Spurrier

    Mr. Robert Burwell Starke, Jr.

    Mr. Judson Wilmarth Starr

    Mr. Jay E. Steiner

    Mr. Charles Albert Stephens

    Mr. Robert Warren Stevens

    Mr. Wilmer Curtis Stith

    Mr. Robert Warren Storm

    Mr. Charles Henry Stuart

    Mr. Andrew Richard Sullivan

    Mr. John Leo Patrick Sullivan, Jr.

    Dr. Roland Steven Summers

    Mr. Robert Calvin Sutliff, Jr.

    Mr. Frank Taylor Sutton IV

    Mr. Richard Banks Sutton

    Dr. Richard Neel Sutton

    Mr. Warner Lewis Tabb III

    Mr. Jacob Thomas Tanner, Jr.

    The Double Eagle Foundation

    Mr. Neyle Colquitt Theriault

    Mr. James Richard Thomas

    Mr. Addison Baker Thompson

    Mr. Andrew Bowie Thompson

    Mr. Kevin Paul Thompson

    Mrs. William T. Thompson III

    Mr. William Bannard Thomson

    Mr. William Albert Thorndike

    Mr. Richard Carmichael Tilghman, Jr.

    Mr. Albert Tilt III

    Mr. George Cameron Todd, Jr.

    Rev. Dr. Richard Franklin Tombaugh

    Mr. Hugh Harrison Tompkins

    Mr. Seldon Taylor Tompkins

    Dr. Priestley Toulmin III

    Mr. Theodore Ridgeway Trimble

    Maj. Gen. Bruce Farrant Tuxill, USAF (Ret.)

    Rev. David Alton Umphlett

    Col. Wilkins Fisk Urquhart II, USAF (Ret.)

    Mr. Edward Everett Vaill

    Mr. Peter Howard Van Demark

    Mr. Chandler Lee van Orman

    Mr. Frank Bailey Vanneck

    Mr. James Brinckerhoff Vredenburgh IV

    Mr. William Merrick Wadsworth

    Dr. Edward Waring Walbridge

    Mr. Norman Stewart Walker

    Mr. Alexis Cloud Wallace

    Mr. Gordon Willcox Wallace

    Lt. Col. Littleton Waller Tazewell Waller II, USMC (Ret.)

    Mr. John Parrott Walters III

    Mr. Mark Crosby Ward

    Mr. Kenneth Wood Washburn

    Mr. John Augustine Washington

    Mr. John Knight Waters, Jr.

    Mr. Scott MacAlpin Watson

    Mr. Bruce Collin Webb

    Mr. Richard Beverly Raney Webb, Jr.

    Mr. John Wingate Weeks, Jr.

    Mr. Sinclair Weeks, Jr.

    Dr. John Ranier Weis

    Mr. Arthur Lee Weisiger

    Mr. Minor Tompkins Weisiger

    Mr. Ten Eyck Thompson Wellford, Sr.

    Mr. Paul Raywood Werther

    Mr. George Yandes Wheeler III

    Mr. Porter King Wheeler

    Mr. William Mills Wheeler II

    Dr. Eric Leighton Whittall

    Mr. Kennon Caithness Whittle, Jr.

    Mr. James Ronald Wilbur

    Mr. Everett Crosby Willet

    Mr. Alexander Guion de Chabert Williams

    Mr. Emil Otto Nolting Williams, Jr.

    Mr. Erskine Archer Williams

    Mr. George Bruce Williams

    Mr. John Jackson Williams

    Mr. John Stanton Williams III

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mills Williams III

    Mr. Thomas Spencer Williamson III

    Mr. Caldwell Russell Willig, Jr.

    Mr. John Grant Wilmer, Jr.

    Mr. William Breckinridge Wilson

    Mr. James Julius Winn V

    Mr. Joseph vanBeuren Wittmann III

    Mr. Henry Sewall Woodbridge, Jr.

    Mr. Nicholas Wykoff Woodfield

    Mr. Stuart Dudley Woodring

    Mr. David Habersham Wright

    Mr. Peter Meldrim Wright

    Capt. Richard Taliaferro Wright, USN

    Mr. Walter Garnett Basinger Wright

    Mr. Edward Avery Wyatt V

    Lt. Col. Gregory Andrew Wynn, USMC

    Mr. Matthew Tyler Yates

    Mr. William Robert Yonkers

    Mr. Armistead Churchill Young IV

    Mr. William Hugh Young III

    Mr. Allison Caulaincourt Zollicoffer II

  • Lieutenants

    Mr. Thomas Lide Alison, Jr.

    Lt. Col. Brooke Edmonston Allen, USA

    Mr. Christopher FitzSimons Allison

    Dr. Robert J. Allison

    Mr. William Warner Anderson, Jr.

    Mr. Zollie Neil Anderson III

    Mr. William Sackett Andrews



    Mr. Matthew Fielding Archer

    Mr. William Stevenson MacLaren Arnold

    Mr. John William Ashworth III

    Mr. George Allen Avery

    Mr. James Cook Ayer

    Mr. Edgar Miller Baber

    Mr. James Hinton Pou Bailey, Jr.

    Mr. Charles Joseph Baker III

    Mr. Robert Flowers Baker

    Mr. Clyde Louis Baldwin

    Mr. Edward Henry Balfour

    Mr. James Burch Barber

    Mr. Ronald William Barnes

    Mr. Nicolas Philip Barquin

    Mr. Anderson Dupre Barrett

    Mr. George Barnes Barrett II

    Mr. Turner J. Barringer

    Mr. Thomas Martin Bartlett

    Mr. George Foust Bason, Jr.

    Mr. John Ashe Bason

    Dr. Edward Wescott Beal

    Rt. Rev. Constantine-Paul Belisarius

    Mr. Paul Gervais Bell IV

    Ms. Susan Benjamin

    Mr. Perry Benson, Jr.

    Rev. Henry Farrar Bentley

    Dr. Frederic Aroyce Berry, Jr.

    Mr. William Irwin Berryhill, Jr.

    Mr. James Marcellus Best

    Mr. Albert Jeremiah Beveridge III

    Mr. Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle III

    Mr. Christopher Stark Biddle

    Mr. Clinton Rutherford Black V

    Mr. Frank Snyder Black, Jr.

    Mr. Leo Price Blackford

    Mr. Carl Fleming Blackwell

    Mr. James Dulany Blackwell, Jr.

    Mr. John Davenport Blackwell, Jr.

    Mr. Arthur Allin Blanchard

    Mr. James Alvah Blanchard III

    Mr. George Blow

    Mr. Henry McCoy Blue, Jr.

    Mr. Peter Denison Bolton Blue

    Mr. Peter Eliot Bowles

    Mr. Lawrence Gregory Boyd

    Dr. Robert T. Boyd III

    Mr. Christopher Lee Bragg

    Mr. Robert Taylor Bragg

    Dr. Lucien Edward Brailsford II

    Mr. Thomas Colton Braniff

    Mr. William Milton Breeze

    Mr. Bartow Hughes Bridges, Jr.

    Mr. Michael Helm Bright

    Mr. Albert Sidney Britt IV

    Mr. George Mercer Brooke IV

    Mr. Joseph Melville Broughton III

    Mr. Charles Carter Robinson Brown

    Mr. James Dorsey Brown III

    Mr. John Madison Brown

    Mr. Ronald Clifford Brown, Jr.

    Mr. Terry Orville Brown

    Mr. William Graham Brown, Jr.

    Mr. John Lawrence Bruch III

    Mr. John Lawrence Bruch IV

    Mr. Thomas Charles Bryan II

    Mr. William Allen Buckaway, Jr.

    Mr. Clifford Avery Buell

    Mr. James Metcalf Bugbee

    Mr. Connie Roger Burbank, Jr.

    Mr. Jeffry Christian Burden

    Mr. Douglas Norwood Burdett

    Mr. Henry Davis Burke

    Mr. Marshall Armistead Burke

    Mr. Richard Marshall Burr

    Mr. David Curlett Porter Burrows

    Mr. Christopher Clinton Burt

    Mr. Carter Hamilton Burwell

    Mr. Robert Lewis Bushnell

    Mr. Ronald Alva Cain, Jr.

    Mr. George Anthony Campbell, Jr.

    Mr. Hugh Campbell

    Mr. Potter Brooks Campbell

    Capt. John Pearce Cann III, USNR

    Mr. Robert Lyttleton Capell III

    Mr. Walter Bliss Carnochan

    Dr. Robert Hill Carter II

    Mr. Warwick Montgomery Carter, Jr.

    Mr. David Winn Hord Cartmell

    Mr. Paul Hamilton Cathcart

    Mr. Thomas Crosby Chadwick

    Mr. Charles Ernest Chamberlain, Jr.

    Mr. Douglas Campbell Chamberlain

    Mr. Robert Vernon Chandler

    Mr. David Ashby Chase

    Mr. James Theodore Cheatham III

    Mr. William Thomas Cheatham IV

    Mr. Godfrey Cheshire, Jr.

    Mr. Lucius McGehee Cheshire, Jr.

    Mr. Benjamin Chapman Chester

    Mr. Stuart MacDonald Christhilf IV

    Mr. Philip Schuyler Church III

    Dr. Thomas Sterling Claiborne, Jr.

    Mr. William Robertson Claiborne

    Dr. Gaylord Lee Clark, Jr.

    Mr. Andrew Crawford Clarkson III

    Mr. Gregory Scott Clemmer

    Mr. DeWitt Clinton, Jr.

    Mr. Calvin Hayes Cobb III

    Mr. Donnell Borden Cobb, Jr.

    Mr. Harry Carter Stuart Cochran

    Lt. Col. Lewis Cole Cochran, USA (Ret.)

    Dr. Barton Merrick Cockey

    Mr. Walter Andrew Cole

    Mr. David Taylor Compton

    Mr. Stephen Arthur Connelly

    Mr. Edwin Bryan Connerat III

    Mr. Reed Helms Connerat

    Dr. Henry Fairfax Conquest

    Mr. Morton Remick Cook, Jr.

    Dr. Leslie Trumbull Cooper, Jr.

    Mr. Otto Franklin Corum, Jr.

    Mr. Preston Hudgins Cottrell, Jr.

    Mr. Nicholas Remsen Cowenhoven, Jr.

    Mr. Eric Ryan Craft

    Mr. Morgan Justus Craft

    Mr. John Talbot Crane

    Capt. Render Crayton, USN (Ret.)

    Mr. Edward Day Hedges Crocker

    Mr. Michael Jenkins Cromwell IV

    Mr. Edward Holland Culver, Jr.

    Mr. Thomas Pelham Curtis II

    Mr. William Page Dame III

    Mr. Sidney Glenn Daniel III

    Mr. Gregory Samuel Daniels, Jr.

    Mr. Donald Weston Darby, Jr.

    Mr. Richard Cavendish Darrell

    Mr. William Harley Dartt, Sr.

    Mr. Harry Augustus Davenport III

    Mr. Joel Thomas Sullivan Daves

    Mr. Chester Logan Davidson, Jr.

    Mr. Robert Gage Davidson, Jr.

    Mr. William Douglas Davidson

    Mr. William Evans Davidson

    Mr. Edward Morris Davis V

    Mr. Edward Hood Dawson, Jr.

    Mr. John Dennis Delafield

    Mr. John Bullock Demere

    Mr. Joseph Latawiec Dennison, Jr.

    Mr. Charlton deSaussure, Jr.

    Mr. Charlton deSaussure III

    Mr. Kirkland Hogue Donald

    Mr. Cary McConnell Dougherty, Jr.

    Dr. James William Dow, Jr.

    Dr. Charles Edward Francis Drake

    Mr. Clark McAdams Driemeyer

    Mr. Jorge Du Quesne

    Mr. Philip Rowland Church Dudley

    Mr. Thomas Underwood Dudley II

    Mr. Andrew Adgate Duer IV

    Mr. Neal Holland Duncan

    Mr. Seth Ronald Duncan

    Mr. Townsend Helme Dunn

    Mr. James Douglas Dunwody

    Rev. David Allard duPlantier

    Mr. John Leveret Dwight, Jr.

    Capt. Jason Tighe Easterly

    Mr. David Warren Eaton

    Mr. David Murchison Eggleston, Jr.

    Mr. Douglas Trowbridge Elliman

    Mr. Douglas Trowbridge Elliman III

    Mr. Adger Gaillard Ellison

    Mr. Andrew Strubing Ellison

    Mr. David Gaillard Ellison, Jr.

    Mr. Jackson French Eno, Jr.

    Mr. Albert Carlyle Espy III

    Mr. Michael Jack Ewing

    Mr. Michael Farnum

    Mr. Charles Edward Farr

    Mr. James DuBois Farrar, Jr.

    Mr. Jonathan Prescott Feltner

    Lt. Col. William John Filippini, USA (Ret.)

    Mr. William Alexander Fisher IV

    Mr. William McPherson Fitzhugh

    Mr. John Baxton Flowers III

    Mr. Edward Thornton Floyd

    Mr. Charles Floyd-Jones

    Mr. William Floyd-Jones, Jr.

    Mr. Richard Morehead Foard

    Dr. Samuel A. Forman

    Capt. Charles Worthington Fowler III, USN

    Dr. Judson Bolling Franklin

    Mr. George Ross French, Jr.

    Mr. Leslie Alexander French

    Mr. John H. Frye III

    Mr. Roland Mushat Frye, Jr.

    Mr. Robert John Fuller

    Mr. Robert Sanford Fuller

    Mr. David Buffum Fultz, Jr.

    Mr. Hull Platt Fulweiler

    Dr. Duane LeRoy Charles Mealman Galles

    Mr. Frank Hutchinson Galloney III

    Mr. Alexander Henderson Galloway, Jr.

    Mr. David Henry Gambrell

    Mr. Thomas Hall Bidmead Gamull

    Mr. David John Gano

    Mr. Robert Woods Garland

    Dr. George Parker Garmany, Jr.

    Mr. Robert Adam Garrison

    Mr. Arthur Lee Gaston II

    Cdr. Arthur Lee Gaston III, USN

    Mr. Bennett Bury Gaston

    Dr. David Aiken Gaston II

    Mr. Richard Emory Gatchell, Jr.

    Mr. David Tyler Gearhart

    Rev. Malcolm Douglas Girardeau, Jr.

    Mr. Thomas Shircliff Glover

    Mr. Nicholas Bright Goodhue

    Mr. John Frank Goodwin III

    Mr. Scott Madison Goodwyn

    Mr. George Barnett Gordon

    Dr. Spencer Gordon, Jr.

    Mr. William Murray Gordon

    Mr. William Sherman Gordon, Jr.

    Mr. William Dunbar Gould V

    Mr. Lewis Ludlow Gould

    Mr. Downey Milliken Gray III

    Mr. Halcott Pride Green

    Mr. Richard Drayton Greene

    Mr. Stephen Davis Greene

    Dr. John Greever

    Mr. H. Vaughan Griffin, Jr.

    Mr. William Francis Roelofson Griffith III

    Mr. Francis Heyward Grimball

    Maj. Gen. John Southy Grinalds, USMC (Ret.)

    Dr. W. Todd Groce

    Mr. William Denmead Groff III

    Mr. Edward Mills Guild, Jr.

    Mr. Robert Lillard Guthrie

    Capt. Philip Kearny Hacker, USNR (Ret.)

    Mr. Joel Winston Hackett

    Mr. Philip Wiley Haigh III

    Mr. Channing Moore Hall III

    Mr. Nicholas Baylor Hall

    Mr. Perry Baker Hall

    Mr. Thomas Heyward Motte Hamilton

    Mr. Christopher Cashel Fitzsimons Hammond III

    Mr. Christopher Cashel Fitzsimons Hammond IV

    Mr. George Anderson Mercer Hammond

    Mr. Randall Alan Hammond

    Mr. Chester Alfred Hardy

    Mr. William Harmar III

    Mr. Edmund Burke Haywood

    Dr. Edward Money Henderson

    Mr. Gerald Van Syckel Henderson, Jr.

    Mr. Jeffrey Sloan Henderson

    Mr. John Christian Bullitt Henderson

    Mr. Ronald Holstein Henderson, Sr.

    Mr. Kenneth Frank Herrington III

    Mr. Halcott Green Heyward III

    Mr. Jeffrey Dupuis Hill

    Mr. Jerry Patrick Hill

    Mr. Cornish Frank Hitchcock

    Mr. Howard Bicknell Hodgson, Jr.

    Mr. Nelson Clarke Holland II

    Mr. William David Holliday

    Mr. Buell Hollister III

    Mr. James Arthur Holmes

    Mr. William Goodwyn Holmes, Jr.

    Mr. Peter Chardon Brooks Homans

    Mr. Mathew Terry Honan

    Mr. Robert Charles Hooker, Jr.

    Mr. Gilbert Carroll Hooper III

    Mr. David Gerald Houck

    Mr. Gerald Wilfred Houck, Jr.

    Mr. Brian Christian Howard

    Mr. David Fitz Randolph Howe, Jr.

    Mr. William Stebbins Hubard, Jr.

    Mr. Frank Howard Hudgins

    Mr. Michael Frederick Hunt

    Mr. Thomas Charles Hunter III

    Mr. Eppa Hunton V

    Mr. Christopher Hussey

    Mr. Henry vanZile Hyde, Jr.

    Mr. Jonathan Hynson Hyde

    Mr. Francis Nash Iglehart III

    Mr. Gerald Wayne Irion

    Mr. Daniel Dana Jackson III

    Mr. Herbert Worth Jackson IV

    Mr. Joseph Bruce Jackson

    Mr. William Gerard Jackson

    Mr. Joseph Crosby Jefferds III

    Mr. Samuel Clark Jenkins

    Mr. Walter Weinhagen John

    Mr. Bryan Scott Johnson

    Dr. Charles Hill Jones III

    Mr. Homer Daniel Jones IV

    Mr. William Cox Jones

    Mr. Peter Haring Judd

    Mr. Curtis Peter Junker

    Mr. Joseph Swan Junkin

    Mr. Frederic Rogers Kellogg

    Mr. Robert Bruce Kendall, Sr.

    Mr. Branch Price Kerfoot III

    Mr. Jonathan Byrd Keyser

    Mr. Thomas Purcell King

    Dr. William Walter King

    Mr. John Merriam Kingsbury

    Mr. Alexander Dayton Knight

    Mr. Mark Wickwire Knight

    Mr. John O'Donnell Knox

    Mr. John Christian Kolbe

    Mr. Marvin Burke Koonce III

    Mr. Nicholas Willson Kouwenhoven

    Mr. Frederick Wayne Lafferty, Jr.

    Mr. John William Lander III

    Mr. Garrison Fairfield Lane

    Mr. Robert Harris Large

    Mr. Croom McDonald Lawrence

    Mr. William Johnston Leach, Jr.

    Mr. George Ford LeBoutillier

    Lt. Burton Pierce Lee II

    Dr. Charles Edward Lee

    Mr. William Daniel Lee, Jr.

    Brig. Gen. Ward Morehouse LeHardy, USA (Ret.)

    Maj. Gen. Richard Eldon Leithiser, USAR

    Dr. Thomas Mikell Leland

    Mr. Charles Holmes Lewis

    Col. John Allen Lighthall, USA (Ret.)

    Mr. Peter Michael Lighthall

    Mr. Warren Masters Little

    Mr. Peter Porcher Littlefield

    Mr. Philip Robert Livingston III

    Mr. William Lord London

    Mr. Alfred Worthington Loomis

    Mr. Joseph Louis Loughran

    Mr. Rawlins Lowndes

    Mr. William Lowndes IV

    Col. Donald Charles Lynde, USAR (Ret.)

    Mr. Clinton Kilty Macsherry III

    Mr. Adrian Carroll Maholchic

    Mr. William Thayer Manierre

    Mr. Forrest Allen Mann, Jr.

    Dr. Malcolm Lafayette Marion III

    Mr. William Corbin Marr

    Mr. John Marshall, Jr.

    Mr. John Randolph Marshall

    Mr. Robert Vincent Martin IV

    Mr. Robert Cabeen Hopkins Mathews III

    Mr. Charles Bradford Mathias

    Mr. James Quackenbush May, Jr.

    Mr. Alexander Galt McAlister

    +Mr. Peter Lewis Livingston McCall

    Mr. Willard McCall III

    Mr. Brown McCallum, Jr.

    Dr. Brown James McCallum

    Mr. Righton Garnett Bethea McCallum

    Dr. Silas Dobbs McCaslin

    Mr. John Octavius McElvey, Jr.

    Mr. James Charles McHargue

    Mr. Abraham Neff McIntosh

    Mr. Martin Thomas McKittrick

    Mr. George Hite McLean, Jr.

    Dr. Baxter Franklin McLendon

    Dr. John Edmond McLeod

    Mr. Nicholas Harvey Merriam

    Mr. Henry Roberts Miller IV

    Mr. Richard Edmond Miller

    Mr. Richard Eveland Miller

    Mr. Robert Jackson Miller, Jr.

    Mr. Severn Eyre Savage Miller

    Mr. Charles Neils Monsted III

    Mr. George Charles Montee

    Mr. John Lewis Montgomery II

    Rev. Christopher Chamberlain Moore

    Mr. James Osborne Moore V

    Mr. Roger Crawford Moore, Jr.

    Mr. George Harris Morison

    Mr. DeWitt Crawford Morrill

    Mr. Hagood Sams Morrison

    Mr. William Bassett Morten

    Mr. Richard Arnold Motley

    Mr. Robert Spencer Mullin

    Col. James Stanley Munday, USAF (Ret.)

    Mr. Franklin Randolph Munford

    Mr. Matthias Brickell Murfree IV

    Dr. Robert Brickell Murfree

    Mr. Henry Nanninga II

    Mr. Spencer Gilbert Nauman, Jr.

    Mr. William Henry Neal, Jr.

    Mr. John Henry Neff IV

    Mr. William Verplanck Newlin

    Mr. Phillip Barbour Newman IV

    Mr. Kevin Scott Nichols

    Mr. Thomas Lloyd Norris, Jr.

    Mr. Peter Wilmot North

    Capt. Allyn Sumner Norton, Jr., USCGR

    Capt. Kenneth Westcott Norwood, Jr., USN

    Mr. Dietrich Paul Onnen

    Mr. Edgar Bayly Orem, Jr.

    Mr. Olaf North Otto

    Maj. Gen. Douglas Vincent O'Dell, Jr., USMC (Ret.)

    Mr. Devin James O'Keeffe

    Mr. John Roger Page

    Mr. Scott Robert Papp

    Mr. Francis Hill Parker

    Mr. James Merrick Parker

    Mr. Thornton Jenkins Parker III

    Mr. Lauren Allan Parrott, Jr.

    Mr. Edward McKenzie Pattillo

    Mr. Worthington Peter Pearre

    Mr. Gardiner Pennypacker Pearson

    Mr. Henry Clint Peden, Jr.

    Mr. Edwin Green Penn III

    Mr. John Franklin Perkins

    Mr. Ryan Patrick Perkins

    Mr. Peter John Pettibone

    Mr. David Jason Phelps

    Mr. John Merrill Phillips, Jr.

    Dr. Oliver Lewis Picher

    Mr. Thomas Reeve Pickering

    Mr. Richard Clark Pierce

    Mr. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney

    Mr. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney VI

    Mr. George Edward Pinckney

    Dr. Neal Chase Pitts

    Mr. Jeremy Bruff Platt

    Mr. Daniel Carter Pope, Jr.

    Mr. Andrew Hobart Porter

    Mr. Christopher John Porter

    Mr. Robert Gibson Dick Pottage III

    Deacon John Michael Powers, Jr.

    Mr. Allen Douglas Pratt

    Mr. Horry Frost Prioleau, Jr.

    Mr. Robert Means Prioleau

    Mr. Terry Lansdale Purvis

    Mr. David Tilghman Ralston

    Mr. Alfred Magill Randolph, Jr.

    Capt. Andrew Meserve Rankin II, USNR (Ret.)

    Mr. Daniel Ravenel

    Mr. John Ferrell Reed III

    Mr. Joseph Verner Reed, Jr.

    Mr. David Ross Reese

    Mr. Isaac Stockton Keith Reeves V

    Dr. David Hopkins Rembert, Jr.

    Dr. Laurie Earl Rennie

    Mr. Jonathan Rex Rhoades

    Mr. George Sunderland Rich, Jr.

    Mr. Russell Purnell Rich

    Mr. John Douglas Roberts

    Mr. Thomas Heard Robertson, Jr.

    Mr. Graham Dunson Rockwell

    Brig. Gen. Francis Drake Rogers, Jr., USAF (Ret.)

    Mr. John Edward Rogers

    Mr. John Townley Giddings Rogers

    Mr. Nicholas Hunt Rogers

    Mr. Thomas Ashby Rogers

    Mr. Henry Middleton Rutledge VI

    Mr. Earl Wallace Sackett

    Dr. Irwin Taylor Sanders II

    Mr. Alexander Graham Sanderson III

    Dr. Thomas Lee V. Saunders

    Mr. Robert Barkley Sause

    Mr. Barnet George Schecter

    Dr. John William Schiffeler

    Mr. Stephen Frederick Schreiber

    Mr. Peter Janney Schwab

    Mr. John Cole Scott

    Dr. Shirley Butenhoff Scott

    Mr. Larry Lloyd Selby

    Mr. William Edward Sharp III

    Mr. Roger Bruce Shaw

    Mr. David Addison Shepard

    Mr. Scott DeForest Shiland

    Mr. James Ferebee Short

    Dr. John Douglas Sinks

    Mr. Peter Gordon Sloan, Jr.

    Mr. Andrew Fowler Smith

    Mr. Earl Thomas Smith

    Mr. Edward Samuel Smith, Jr.

    Mr. Hillen Jenkins Smith III

    Mr. Joseph Judson Smith III

    Mr. Raiford Laurence Smith

    Capt. Shepard Morgan Smith

    Dr. Wallace Harden Smith II

    Mr. William Adams Smith III

    Mr. Willis Smith II

    Mr. William Joseph deThrom Somerville III

    Mr. Howard Kent Soper

    Dr. Lewis Stone Sorley III

    Mr. Douglas Gordon Soutter

    Cdr. Michael Henry Spencer, USN

    Mr. Henry Newman Staats IV

    Mr. Edward Frost Stacy

    Mr. William Legare Stanton Stafford

    Mr. Thomas Arrington Stallworth, Jr.

    Hon. John Mark Stephenson

    Mr. Samuel Black Sterrett, Jr.

    Mr. Charles Walter Stewart

    Mr. Robert Garey Stewart

    Mr. Gordon Malvern Fair Stick IV

    Mr. Clark Tillman Stirling

    Capt. Robert William Bowie Stoddert, USN (Ret.)

    Dr. George Beattie Stoneman

    Mr. John Allan Strange

    Mr. Michael Hunt Studley

    Mr. Conrad Boyd Sturges, Jr.

    Mr. John Fitzhugh Sullivan

    Mr. William Peyton Sullivan

    Mr. Arthur Phillips Sultan

    Mrs. Paul Francis Summers, Jr.

    Mr. Paul Francis Summers III

    Mr. Stark Armistead Sutton III

    Mr. Francis Jacques Sypher, Jr.

    Mr. Joseph Lesenyie Taggart

    Mr. William Richmond Talbot, Jr.

    Mr. Edward Tang

    Mr. Charles Arnold Tarbell

    Mr. Benjamin James Tarbutton III

    Mr. Benjamin Walter Taylor, Jr.

    Mr. Henry Cox Taylor

    Mr. John Douglas Taylor, Jr.

    Mr. William Gilchrist Taylor

    Mr. James Richard Thomas, Jr.

    Mr. Richard Peter Thomas

    Mr. Richard Russell Thomas, Jr.

    Dr. William G. Thomas III

    Mr. Peter Cabell Thorp

    Mr. Wallace Newton Tiffany, Jr.

    Mr. Wallace Newton Tiffany V

    Mr. Charles Lee Tillery, Jr.

    Mr. Johnathon Towles

    Mr. Heber Venable Traywick, Jr.

    Dr. Waring Trible, Jr.

    Mr. William Robertson Trigg

    Dr. Isaac Ridgeway Trimble, Jr.

    Mr. William Cattell Trimble III

    Mr. Guy Temple Tripp III

    Mr. Thomas Strong McCready Tudor

    Mr. Robert William Turk

    Mr. Benjamin Walton Turnbull

    Mr. Frank Judson Turner

    Mr. Frank Keech Turner III

    Mr. Halcott Mebane Turner

    Capt. Thomas Jefferson Turpin, USN (Ret.)

    Mr. William Bullard Tutt

    Mr. Matthew Morse Twist

    Mr. William Blakely Tyler

    Mr. Paul Bartlett Van Buren

    Dr. Hampton Minor Vernon

    Mr. Stewart Croswell Vernon

    Mr. Richard Robinson Vietor

    Mr. Philippe Walton von Hemert

    Mr. John Tagart von Stade

    Dr. Pierre Andre Walker

    Lt. Gen. John Furman Wall, USA (Ret.)

    Mr. Richard Eric Wall

    Mr. James Jay Ward

    Mr. John Hardin Ward IV

    Mr. Richard Agassiz Warren

    Mr. John David Dorsey Watkins

    Mr. Lowry Rush Watkins, Jr.

    Hon. William Dowse Weeks

    Mr. Francis Xavier Wells

    Mr. John Douglas Wells

    Mr. Peter Rollins Wells

    Mr. Raymond Francis Wess

    Rev. Bennett B. Wethered

    Mr. William Mills Wheeler III

    Mr. Henry Chalfant Wheelwright

    Dr. Fred Henry White III

    Mr. Fred Henry White IV

    Col. John Maxwell White, Jr., USA (Ret.)

    Mr. Thomas Walter Whitehead III

    Mr. Joseph William Albert Whitehorne IV

    Mr. Anthony Whiting

    Mr. Edward Bostwick Whitman III

    Mr. Edward Davenport Whitman

    Mr. Albert Mims Wilkinson, Jr.

    Dr. Armistead Marshall Williams

    Mr. Charles Seyburn Williams

    Mr. David Lee Williams

    Mr. David McIntosh Williams

    Mr. George Morgan Williams

    Mr. Joseph Lanier Williams

    Mr. Phillip Lee Williams

    Mr. Richard Dudley Williams

    Mr. John Bolling Williamson

    Mr. Anthony Winston

    Mr. Richard Hungerford Wise

    Mr. Samuel Brown Witt III

    Hon. Gerard William Wittstadt, Sr.

    Mr. George Shaffer Wood III

    Mr. Bartlett Alexander McLennan Woodward

    Mr. Sidney Clay Wooten III

    Mr. Madison Pendleton Wootton

    Mr. Kent Dean Worley

    Mr. Richard Morgan Wright, Jr.

    Mr. John Mitchell Wyatt IV

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Wylly II, Pam and Tom Wylly Advised Fund of The Community

    Foundation of Middle Tennessee

    Mr. Peter Stuart Wyrough